Curbing inflammatory cells could lead to treatments for diseases including atherosclerosis and cancer

Via – Creating the FutureThis technique, known as RNA interference, offers a targeted way to stop inflammation and could be useful in treating not only atherosclerosis, but also other forms of heart disease as well as cancer.Show original [...]

The Walk Again Project

Via – Creating the FutureBMI research raises the hope that in the not-too-distant future, patients suffering from a variety of neurological disorders that lead to devastating levels of paralysis may be able to recover their mobility by harnessing their own brain impulses to directly control sophisticated neuroprostheses.Show original [...]

Researchers engineer new way to inhibit allergic reactions without side effects // News // Notre Dame News // University of Notre Dame

Via – Creating the Future Researchers from the University of Notre Dame have announced a breakthrough approach to allergy treatment that inhibits food allergies, drug allergies and asthmatic reactions without…Show original [...]

Experimental drug may fight HIV and aging

From NewScientist Health November 2008 by Linda Geddes A drug extracted from a plant used in Chinese medicine has helped immune cells fight HIV and raises the possibility of slowing the ageing process in other parts of our bodies. The method hinges upon telomeres – caps of repetitive DNA found at the ends of chromosomes. These get [...] [...]