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Installing PoolParty on Mac OS X and Ubuntu

In my search for the ultimate open source tool for deploying our service onto the “Clouds” I am now trying the new PoolParty. (Though I’m finding that the github wiki for PoolParty is a better reference). Its got…

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HOWTO: Install iClassify on Ubuntu and Mac OS X Leopard

Update: The folks who developed iClassify have come out with a total framework that is an alternative to iClassify/Puppet called opscode-chef. I will be looking into that soon and not do anymore work with iClassify (unless Chef turns…

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Installing a git client on a shared host with no compiler

We are using Git to manage our deployments, but have some clients that use shared hosting services that don’t have git installed (in particular Hostgator.com). Most of these shared hosting services do allow ssh shell access but don’t…

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