Your Mac Won’t Reboot when Installing Mac OS X Lion – Reset Your PRAM

Overseeing the Mac OS X Lion upgrade of all the Macs at Work, I’ve seen the Lion installs generally be the easiest OS X Upgrade ever. But I wasted almost two days upgrading one of our Mac Pros. We have several Mac Pros with the same configuration, 2008 Vintage Dual Quad Core’s with Software RAID [...] [...]

Getting Comments/Annotations in LyX to show up in PDF

I’ve started to use Lyx to do our technical documentation (Oh how I wish I could use Framemaker on the Mac, but Adobe destroyed the best tool for technical documentation and made it only available on the legacy Windows virus vector. Lyx is nothing like Framemaker other than supporting structure documents. I’m just lamenting a [...] [...]

HBase/Hadoop on Mac OS X (Pseudo-Distributed)

I wanted to do some experimenting with various tools for doing Hadoop and HBase activities and didn’t want to have to bother making it work with our Cluster in the Cloud. I just wanted a simple experimental environment on my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard Mac OS X. So I thought it was time to [...] [...]

Installing Ruby Mysql Gem on Snow Leopard Server

Snow Leopard Server (and at least Leopard Server) both have MySQL installed already. But its not a complete enough install to build the Ruby Mysql Gem. It seems that the Snow Leopard Server Mysql does not include all the client stuff that is needed by the mysql gem. The Apple Support article: Mac OS X Server [...] [...]