Hadoop, HDFS and Hbase on Ubuntu & Macintosh Leopard

UPDATE: This has been replaced by a newer post Experience installing Hbase 0.20.0 Cluster on Ubuntu 9.04 and EC2 . I found that using the pre-built distributions of Hadoop and HBase much better than trying to build from source. I need more Java/Ant-fu to do the build from scratch. The HBase-0.20.0 Release Candidates are really [...] [...]

Deploying RabbitMQ and Stomp on Ubuntu

Install rabbitmq via synaptic Make sure that the erlang package is installed Add a repository from the rabbitmq site Set up Repository via the Synaptic GUI tool (http://www.rabbitmq.com/debian/) Set up Repository via command line Ubuntu Documentation for Managing Repositories via the Command Line How to use the RabbitMQ Debian repository and available RabbitMQ Debian packages [...] [...]