Using the Official Opscode 0.8.x Gems to build EC2 AMI Chef Client and Server

Updates Mar 3, 2010 Added call to script ec2-set-defaults that is normally called on ec2 init that sets the locale and apt sources for EC availability Zone Introduction Opscode has officially released 0.8.x of Chef. It is now even more fabulous. I’ve been using the pre-release version for the last couple of months and it [...] [...]

Reseting the Opscode Chef Server Validation key/pem

In upgrading from my own custom hacked pre-0.8.x Chef server/clients to the official new and shiny 0.8.2 release, I wanted to make everything vanilla. One issue was somewhere along the line I set the validation_client_name to “validator”. The vanilla setting is “chef-validator”. To do this I had to get rid of the “validator” and “chef-validator” [...] [...]

Creating an Amazon EC2 AMI for Opscode Chef 0.8 Client and Server

Changes Since Original 1/13/10: Fix various minor inaccuracies and improved description on how to set up the chef-server. Also removed nanite as a requirement (its no longer used) 1/17/10: Add the requirement to build and install mixlib-authentication for the chef-client 1/21/10: Added a mkdir for /var/log/chef 1/22/10: Added step to insure that /tmp permissions are [...] [...]

Building Opscode Chef 0.8.x from HEAD of the git repo

Update: I am having problems using the chef dev tools/client from the HEAD of the chef git repository with the Opscode Alpha Server service. I’m not sure if its me or if the latest versions of the chef client from HEAD is compatible with the Alpha Server Service. So the following is still useful for [...] [...]