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Building RabbitMQ on Mac OSX Leopard

At Cinch, we are looking into a high volume, high performance message queuing mechanism for aggregating updates from javascript logging into our data stores. The first one we are investigating is RabbitMQ which seems to have a good…

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Installing a git client on a shared host with no compiler

We are using Git to manage our deployments, but have some clients that use shared hosting services that don’t have git installed (in particular Hostgator.com). Most of these shared hosting services do allow ssh shell access but don’t…

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The Commoditization of Massive Data Analysis

Today’s article in O’Reilly’s Radar by Joseph Hellerstein, is a concise synopsis of the state-of-the-art large scale data analysis. It compares the Enterprise IT dominant Relational Database paradigm to the emerging (with a bullet!) MapReduce / Hadoop technologies….

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