DNS Bypass Systems Needed Now! — VeriSign Wants Right to Shut Down Domains for Pretty Much Any Reason

Via Scoop.it – Demand TransformationVeriSign has formally requested permission to shut down domains (apparently in most cases with only “after the fact” recourse for targeted sites) for a long list of reasons, ranging from what they view as “malware infestation” to “requests” (not limited to court orders) from “law enforcement.”Show original [...]

The Little ISP That Stood Up to the Government

Via Scoop.it – Demand Transformation Tiny Sonic.net Inc., a Santa Rosa, Calif.-based Internet provider with about 36,000 customers, not only fought a secret court order for information from a WikiLeaks supporter, but also spoke out about it.Show original [...]

Totally Ignorant Article By Michael Lind on “Who’s Afraid of the AT&T Merger”

Michael Lind who I thought would know better keeps writing these articles that show he’s totally clueless about modern technology and how it interacts with business and society.   His latest blunder is an article in Salon: Who’s afraid of the AT&T merger? American antitrust law is a relic of 19th century agrarian populism I [...] [...]

National Shame: Swaths of Non-Rural US without Broadband; Time for Re-Divestiture

I live in Saratoga, CA, part of “High Tech” Silicon Valley. And my neighborhood STILL does NOT have ANY broadband services. None! (I don’t count unreliable wireless with less than 1Mbps for more than $100/month a viable consumer broadband offering). AT&T and Comcast are the “franchised” service providers (I.E. monopolies) for the area and they [...] [...]