Gigabit Internet for $70: the unlikely success of California’s WHY NOWHERE ELSE? Hint: Oligopoly

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They offer each house up to one gigabit per second in bandwidth, making this one of the fastest streets in America. For only $69.95/month (100MBps for $39.95, both include phone service. … Wondering “why can’t somebody else do this?” You’re asking the right question. But you may not like the answer.

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  1. Sonic’s DSL service, on the other hand, is utter crap. I had it for 3 months. I got 2.5 Mbps down for $30 a month. It took over a month for them to install it, and even once installed the service dropped out several times a week for no apparent reason. Tech support was indifferent and just kept telling me to try new modems. By the 3rd modem, I had had enough. I now have 20 Mbps down from Comcast for the same price, and have had no problems whatsoever.

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