What Austerity Hath Wrought (More Austerity and Complete Control by Oligarchs)

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What’s the main impediment right now to jobs, jobs, jobs?
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I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened – The Oatmeal

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What happens when The Oatmeal tries to pay to download Game of Thrones.
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The coming medical revolution. We need HYPERINNOVATION to fix Health Care Crisis

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Technology has the potential to transform our concept of sickness.   There’s nothing in the 2,000-plus page [Healthcare] bill that gets into this kind of hyper innovative individual medicine, biosensor leveraging, genome and all these sorts of things – it doesn’t really show up.   But it is a great opportunity to make medicine and healthcare more affordable. For example, it’s estimated that about a third of the $350 billion spent a year on prescriptions is a total waste. So there’s a great opportunity there, with gene-specific drugs.   If we do the 20 million echocardiograms, and almost as many abdominal and fetal ultrasounds, for free with ultrasound pocket devices, there are billions of dollar we could save there.   With sensors, if we could get tens of millions of people in this country to manage or prevent their diabetes that could have enormous financial implications.   And it’s the same for high blood pressure: 50 percent of people with high blood pressure do not have it adequately managed, so they’re vulnerable for strokes and heart attacks.   If we can manage it with a simple cellphone sensor, that would be an enormous potential to lower costs for stroke disabilities, heart attack, heart failure, all those sorts of things.
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Upcoming Mini-tutorial at BigDataCamp: How to Build a Hadoop Cluster from Scratch in 20 Minutes by CTO of Infochimps

Infochimps IconFlip  Kromer (@mrflip), CTO of Infochimps will give a an overview and tutorial on using the latest version of Ironfan (which until today was called cluster_chef)  at the BigDataCamp unconference put on by  Dave Nielsen just before O’Reilly’s Strata Conference Feb 27 from 5:30pm to 10pm

We’ve been using cluster_chef at Runa as the basis of our chef management for our entire production environment for the last few months. I’m very excited about what Flip and his team have done to turn Ironfan into a pretty nice way to orchestrate the Chef deployment of complex clusters of servers with a focus on supporting the Hadoop Ecosystem and EC2. Its not specific to Hadoop or EC2, but has a lot for supporting those which is what we really liked.

Here’s the blurb:

How to Build a Hadoop Cluster from Scratch in 20 Minutes

In this tutorial, Flip Kromer, CTO of Infochimps will introduce Ironfan (formerly Cluster Chef), Infochimps’ open-source tool for orchestrated systems provisioning.  It builds on Chef, Opscode‘s beloved open-source tool for provisioning cloud machines and adds a number of superpowers that allow you to provision and deploy coordinated clusters of machines all at once.  Stop monkeying around, spending days or weeks spinning up clusters, and manually copying and pasting IP addresses to glue all the pieces together.  Just spin them up when you need them and kill them when you don’t; let Ironfan handle the details.  Now, you can spend your money, time and engineering focus on more important things – like finding insights in your data.

The Ironfan demo will run approximately 30 minutes and we welcome all attendees to bring short demos (3-5 minutes) of awesome things they have done with Chef or Ironfan (formerly Cluster Chef).  Flip will also be available for Q&A at the end of this session or later in the evening over beers.

You should sign up in advance for the BigDataCamp at http://bigdatacamp-santaclara-2012-eivtefrnd.eventbrite.com/ Its free but they like to know how many are coming.

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