Access Web Servers on EC2 Private Addresses with Firefox FoxyProxy & Google Chrome SwitchySharp

There are sometimes web ui services on EC2 instances that are only accessible via the AWS private IP addresses. The one I run into most are the WebUI of HBase and Hadoop. There are probably many others. Running a Socks Proxy Tunnel to an EC2 server On your local system you will need to run an [...] [...]

Deploy WordPress to Amazon EC2 Micro Instance with Opscode Chef

Updates September 9, 2011 Included the latest Chef Knife ec2 server create argument that sets the EBS Volume to not be deleted on the termination of the EC2 Instance Intro Up until recently a friend lent me a Virtual Machine in he Cloud for my Blog. I didn’t have to do anything to manage it. [...] [...]

Copy an EBS AMI image to another Amazon EC2 Region

Since I’ve already created an image I liked in the us-west-1 region, I would like to reuse it in other regions. Turns out there is no mechanism within Amazon EC2 to do that. (See How do I launch an Amazon EBS volume from a snapshot across Regions?). I did find one post that talked a [...] [...]

Simple update and clone an Amazon EC2 EBS Boot image

Introduction Well there is already an update to Chef’s Ohai library. At first I thought, “Oh no, I have to generate another EC2 image”. But then I remember reading that you can update and clone a running EBS boot image. One of the cool features of using an Amazon EC2 instance that boots from an [...] [...]