National Shame: Swaths of Non-Rural US without Broadband; Time for Re-Divestiture

I live in Saratoga, CA, part of “High Tech” Silicon Valley. And my neighborhood STILL does NOT have ANY broadband services. None! (I don’t count unreliable wireless with less than 1Mbps for more than $100/month a viable consumer broadband offering). AT&T and Comcast are the “franchised” service providers (I.E. monopolies) for the area and they [...] [...]

Where’s MY Bailout?

Ok, so there are at least 100 jobs directly or indirectly dependent on my being kept financially viable. I am just TOO BIG TO FAIL. So its time that I get MY Bailout from the government. I don’t need too much, a simple $1M will do for now. That’s about the same ratio as the [...] [...]