Your Mac Won’t Reboot when Installing Mac OS X Lion – Reset Your PRAM

Overseeing the Mac OS X Lion upgrade of all the Macs at Work, I’ve seen the Lion installs generally be the easiest OS X Upgrade ever. But I wasted almost two days upgrading one of our Mac Pros. We have several Mac Pros with the same configuration, 2008 Vintage Dual Quad Core’s with Software RAID [...] [...]

Bonjour / AVAHI & Netatalk to share files files between Ubuntu 10.4 & Mac OS X

It use to be somewhat difficult to have Filesystems on an Ubuntu system show up on the Mac Finder the same way that other Mac Filesystems would show up. There has been the Open Source Unix implementation of the Apple File System (afp) but for a long time the Ubuntu packages were not properly configured [...] [...]

HBase/Hadoop on Mac OS X (Pseudo-Distributed)

I wanted to do some experimenting with various tools for doing Hadoop and HBase activities and didn’t want to have to bother making it work with our Cluster in the Cloud. I just wanted a simple experimental environment on my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard Mac OS X. So I thought it was time to [...] [...]

Installing Apache Thrift on Ubuntu and Leopard

The instructions for installing the Apache Thrift on the Wiki missed a few key things in terms of installing on Ubuntu (8.04 in my case) and Macintosh OS X Leopard (10.5.6). Gitting the latest source For instance they show you how to get the latest via SVN or a snapshop via wget. But the wget [...] [...]