Bonjour / AVAHI & Netatalk to share files files between Ubuntu 10.4 & Mac OS X

It use to be somewhat difficult to have Filesystems on an Ubuntu system show up on the Mac Finder the same way that other Mac Filesystems would show up. There has been the Open Source Unix implementation of the Apple File System (afp) but for a long time the Ubuntu packages were not properly configured [...] [...]

HBase/Hadoop on Mac OS X (Pseudo-Distributed)

I wanted to do some experimenting with various tools for doing Hadoop and HBase activities and didn’t want to have to bother making it work with our Cluster in the Cloud. I just wanted a simple experimental environment on my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard Mac OS X. So I thought it was time to [...] [...]

Want to work at a Startup with Cool Tech? (HBase, Clojure, Chef, Swarms, Javascript, Ruby & Rails)

Opportunity Knocks, the startup where I am CTO, is looking for great developers to join our small agile team. We’re an early stage, pre-series-A startup (presently funded with strategic investments from two large corporations). Runa offers a SaaS to on-line merchant that allows them to offer dynamic product and consumer specific promotions embeded in [...] [...]

HOWTO: Install iClassify on Ubuntu and Mac OS X Leopard

Update: The folks who developed iClassify have come out with a total framework that is an alternative to iClassify/Puppet called opscode-chef. I will be looking into that soon and not do anymore work with iClassify (unless Chef turns out to suck or something, but at first glance it looks pretty good!). [After playing with Chef, [...] [...]