Dems backing Occupy Wall St. are funded by Wall St.

Via – Demand Transformation Prominent Democrats applaud Occupy Wall Street while taking huge donations from the finance industry…Show original [...]

Occupy Wall Street: the family-friendly protest

Via – Demand TransformationThe movement continues to defy expectations, this time with a daycare center… and parentsforoccupywallst.comShow original [...]

Rich and Tasty: Recipes for the New Class Warfare – Boing Boing

Via – Demand TransformationWhen it comes time to eat the rich, these masses will not be satisfied with a Koch and a smile, or with Michael Dell on rye. These are people who went deep into debt stocking their kitchens with Italian espresso makers and complicated food processors. They are not going to want [...] [...]

Philosopher to OWS: Keep speaking truth to power

Via – Demand Transformation The Slovenian academic appeared in Zuccotti Park yesterday to give an inspiring talk to protesters VIDEO…Show original [...]