Want to work at a Startup with Cool Tech? (HBase, Clojure, Chef, Swarms, Javascript, Ruby & Rails)

Opportunity Knocks Runa.com, the startup where I am CTO, is looking for great developers to join our small agile team. We’re an early stage, pre-series-A startup (presently funded with strategic investments from two large corporations). Runa offers a SaaS to on-line merchant that allows them to offer dynamic product and consumer specific promotions embeded in [...] [...]

Updating RabbitMQ and RabbitMQ-Stomp to RabbitMQ 1.5.3

I noticed that the rabbitmq-stomp had stopped working on my servers after a reboot. The servers were using the Ubuntu debian package of rabbitmq and had been updgraded to RabbitMQ 1.5.3 and stomp had not since I was manually installing rabbitmq-stomp from the mercurial repositories (cause I could not find any ubuntu packages for rabbitmq-stomp). [...] [...]

Deploying RabbitMQ and Stomp on Ubuntu

Install rabbitmq via synaptic Make sure that the erlang package is installed Add a repository from the rabbitmq site Set up Repository via the Synaptic GUI tool (http://www.rabbitmq.com/debian/) Set up Repository via command line Ubuntu Documentation for Managing Repositories via the Command Line How to use the RabbitMQ Debian repository and available RabbitMQ Debian packages [...] [...]

Building RabbitMQ on Mac OSX Leopard

At Cinch, we are looking into a high volume, high performance message queuing mechanism for aggregating updates from javascript logging into our data stores. The first one we are investigating is RabbitMQ which seems to have a good rep. Though we are deploying on Linux, we do all our development on Mac OS X. It [...] [...]