Bonjour / AVAHI & Netatalk to share files files between Ubuntu 10.4 & Mac OS X

It use to be somewhat difficult to have Filesystems on an Ubuntu system show up on the Mac Finder the same way that other Mac Filesystems would show up. There has been the Open Source Unix implementation of the Apple File System (afp) but for a long time the Ubuntu packages were not properly configured [...] [...]

Copy an EBS AMI image to another Amazon EC2 Region

Since I’ve already created an image I liked in the us-west-1 region, I would like to reuse it in other regions. Turns out there is no mechanism within Amazon EC2 to do that. (See How do I launch an Amazon EBS volume from a snapshot across Regions?). I did find one post that talked a [...] [...]

Simple update and clone an Amazon EC2 EBS Boot image

Introduction Well there is already an update to Chef’s Ohai library. At first I thought, “Oh no, I have to generate another EC2 image”. But then I remember reading that you can update and clone a running EBS boot image. One of the cool features of using an Amazon EC2 instance that boots from an [...] [...]

Using the Official Opscode 0.8.x Gems to build EC2 AMI Chef Client and Server

Updates Mar 3, 2010 Added call to script ec2-set-defaults that is normally called on ec2 init that sets the locale and apt sources for EC availability Zone Introduction Opscode has officially released 0.8.x of Chef. It is now even more fabulous. I’ve been using the pre-release version for the last couple of months and it [...] [...]